About Me

Hey, I’m Sebastian. I’m a pretty passionate game developer, technical artist, programmer and 3D modeller who has graduated with a BSc in Games Development at UTS and a Masters in Animation and Visualization through Animal Logic Academy. I’ve had aspirations to work in video game development and related fields since I was 13 and have been self-teaching myself and pursuing game education since then.


For a more in depth look at some of the individual assets I have worked on feel free to check out my ArtStation.

Previous Work

Below are some of the projects that I’ve been working on over the past few years to give you an idea of my core gameplay and development ideologies. I am a core believer in the power of games, and as such aim to create enjoyable experiences that are both fun for players and other developers alike.

Life ain’t that long. Nothing like a lot of hard work with a few jokes to make it better : )