Paradise G.A.T.E.S. Farm

October, 2018

This game was developed as my final year project in my Bachelors of Game Development at UTS. I was the artistic developer on the 10-week long project, and thus did a lot of work on the artistic style of the game, including 3D Modelling, Animating, Level Design and Implementation, as well as programming for these and other elements of the game. This project also required us to direct and manage a secondary team of musicians who would create all Sound Effects and Music for the game, which was an informative and novel experience for us all.

This game was my first experience making a game with a evolving story and gameplay, which switched up genres and aesthetics throughout the game. It was a very ambitious project for the time and looking back in hindsight, I am very proud of everything we were able to accomplish with such a large scope.

This project was developed in Unity 2018, with any Models created being modeled and rigged in Blender and Texturing done in Photoshop.

Awards & Recognition: The game won second place in the Judges Choice at the UTS Student Prototype Exhibition.

Paradise G.A.T.E.S. Farm was developed by myself, Alex Au, Aaron Chetcuti & James McEwan, with audio provided by musicians Daniel Curtis and Yvie Dunn.