The Four Seasons

October, 2016
Showcase of In-Development Game

This game was the first game I created and the first exploration into game development aside from self-teaching myself preliminary animation and 3D modelling. This game was created in Processing 3 for a University Subject to explore data visualization over the course of 8 weeks. I wanted to start developing games as soon as possible, so I created a game which used data collected from multiple sensors on a University of Technology building to display quantities of people entering the building, the time, the weather and the temzperature of the school throughout the year. I used this data to influence a platformer game, where the player travels through the year and explore the happenings of each day.

I was the lead programmer for this task and developed the physics and collision detection for this game, along with movement and displaying of the platforms. This was my first exploration into physics and collision detection and my first attempt at creating a game from scratch.

Awards & Recognition: This game won First Place in the UTS Student Prototype Exhibition.

The Four Seasons was developed by myself, Natassja Sundara, Conant Feng & Alex Au.