Oldpocalypse – The Fight of the Ages

November, 2018

This game was completed in part of the 2018 UTS Student Game Jam. It was completed within two days after being given the themes of ‘Elderly Combat’, ‘Illuminati’ & ‘A Change in Perspective’.

The game uses Keyboard and PS4/XB1 Controllers for a multiplayer free-for-all battle game where you get younger by attacking other players. The aim of the game is to stay the youngest to gather the most points and use power-ups and tag-team tactics to get any advantages on your opponents. The game also allows an ‘Illuminati’ player who can help or hinder players through the use of a iPad tablet, allowing for players to manage combating other players, while pleasing the Illuminati.

Awards & Recognition: The game won Most Innovative Game, Best Multiplayer Experience and Best Game Overall in the UTS Game Jam.

Oldpocalypse: The Fight of the Ages, was developed by myself, Matthew Andrews, Philip Aubert, Adam Bursill & Chester Chew.