June, 2017

This is the first game that I developed with Unity. It was conceptualized as a rogue-like, dungeon exploration game where the player builds up their powers through collecting and combining earth’s resources to make stronger powers, however, as my team and I were all self-teaching ourselves Unity, we ended up with a rather linear game where you could use different elements, but were unable to combine them. However, at the very beginning, we all wanted to create all the assets from the game from scratch, which we were able to do.

The project took 7 weeks to complete, and I focused my work on creating the art assets and programming. My main contributions to this project were as follows:

     • Created Art Assets for Enemies, Projectiles, Levels and Cutscenes
     • Animated Enemies and Programmed Enemy Movement
     • Programmed Game Logic
     • Implemented Playtesting Feedback

Awards & Recognition: The Game was awarded Runners-Up for the People’s Choice Award at the 2017 UTS Games Showcase.

Resourcerers, was developed by myself, Philip Aubert, Nicholas Weber, Galvin Lian & Michael Ning.